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Ideas about Bullying

What to do When Being Bullied by Rebecca Anglemyer Many students across America encounter bullying, whether it is happening to them or a friend. While a large portion of children face bullying, it happens most frequently to those with autism spectrum disorder. Not only that, bullying tends to occur the most between 5th and 8th…
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What is an RBT? Why Does My Child Need One?

Rika Hawes, RBT  explains what a Registered Behavior Technician is and why that extra training is important to a strong ABA team!  Rika is completing her BCBA training this summer and will be one of the few in the field who has worked in both roles. Under PAAC’s ABA program, each client is assigned a…
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Hello from the OT staff & Dr. Amy Henry

[caption id="attachment_2329" align="alignleft" width="300"] Hailey & Tommy up to some outdoor snowstorm fun![/caption] With today's wonderful snow storm, it reminds me of the importance of playing outside for both parents and children.  Get out in the snow with your kids!  Cold, fresh air is actually healthy for kids.   Cold air does not make kids sick;…
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