I love the people who are putting this place together and I love what we are doing. I say we because if I can figure out how, I am joining this group.

Pat Long Eroh,

My son can't wait to get the center every Saturday and talks about it all week long, I don't know if he would have made the progress he did without the services he received at PAAC.

Frank A Lewicki,

My kids love going to PAAC!! And they never want to leave!!!!! I feel like we are "The guests who never left" because it takes us so long to leave most days!! lol I Love the atmosphere and the genuine caring that comes from ALL of the staff! LOVE LOVE LOVE you guys! Great job with my daughter who receives services, and always making us feel like family whenever we get there!

Moe Altamuro Eileen O'Brien,

My son had his first day and loved it!!great program awesome staff love it can't wait too take him again.

Brandy Callahan,