• Hello from the OT staff & Dr. Amy Henry
    With today's wonderful snow storm, it reminds me of the importance of playing outside for both parents and children.  Get out in the snow with your kids!  Cold, fresh air is actually healthy for kids.   Cold air does not make kids sick; it helps them brush off the dust and…
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  • Applied Behavior Analysis
    Under PAAC’s ABA program, each client is assigned a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). The RBT is on the front line delivering direct one to one ABA services to the client under the supervision of a BCBA. RBTs go through an intensive 40 hour training on the science of applied behavior…
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  • Why you should consider PAAC’s Social Skills Program!
    PAAC’s Social Skills Are The Real Deal! PAAC offers more than just a playgroup where social opportunities are present. After exploring a variety of available programs, PAAC Director of Social Skills, Katie Rodriguez, MA, ABA chose Social Thinking* by Michelle Garcia Winner. This program helps clients observe and become aware…
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