What to do When Being Bullied


Many students across America encounter bullying, whether it is happening to them or a friend. While a large portion of children face bullying, it happens most frequently to those with autism spectrum disorder. Not only that, bullying tends to occur the most between 5th and 8th grade, when young people are experiencing the most changes.

But there are things you can do to help your child face the issue of bullying!

  1. Be a positive, effective role model for your child. If they see you helping others and standing up for what is right, they will mimic you, giving them a better understanding of what to do during a bullying situation
  2. Speak honestly to your child about why bullies do what they do and what your child can do to make a positive impact in even a bully’s life
  3. Encourage your child to spend most of their time with people they consider friends and enjoy being with. If a friend is toxic to your child, help them understand why they may not want to continue with the friendship
  4. If bullying is severe- go to the school! The school can best handle an in-school or out-of-school bully, including communicating with the child and talking with their parents

What can your child do if you’re not there to help them?

  1. Encourage them to set boundaries with the bully
  2. Encourage them to use their voice
  3. Help them protect their feelings and help them understand that they should not take the words and actions personally
  4. Encourage them to always use the buddy system
  5. Help them avoid areas where bullying occurs most frequently

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What should schools do?

  1. Raise awareness!
  2. Educate their educators!
  3. Create intervention programs to help stop bullying before it happens!
We provide other tips, coping skills, and teach kids to recognize social cues here at PAAC!!  So if your child needs ongoing help, please feel free to call us to set them up with a social skills group.   We use the Social Thinking* curriculum which is a program designed to help with many of these issues!