Why you should consider PAAC’s Social Skills Program!

Why you should consider PAAC’s Social Skills Program!

PAAC’s Social Skills Are The Real Deal!

PAAC offers more than just a playgroup where social opportunities are present. After exploring a variety of available programs, PAAC Director of Social Skills, Katie Rodriguez, MA, ABA chose Social Thinking* by Michelle Garcia Winner. This program helps clients observe and become aware of their own social thinking. Our social thinking affects our social skills and our behaviors and that relates to how others feel about us. We focus on teaching kids to develop this social attention through self awareness, self monitoring and self regulation.

How we regulate ourselves has a great impact on our problem solving. Self regulation requires emotional regulation, and without this we are not able to problem solve. For people with strong emotional/self regulation, we are able to figure out the size of the problem and then regulate our emotions to deal with it. For those with poor regulation, new and bigger problems are developed when the reaction size doesn’t fit the original problem.

We offer this program for little ones as young as 4 through young adults up to age 25. Social Thinking offers many levels of social problem solving, including social regulation, figuring out the size of a problem and reacting appropriately to the problem, as well as interpreting others spoken and unspoken language. As it is implemented, the Social Thinking material is designed to build skills upon previously acquired skills so our participants can grow with the program. At PAAC, we fine tune this program even further to fit the needs and problems of the clients we work with, allowing for flexibility in the curriculum based on the clients we have and their specific needs. We regularly look at our internal data, and we re-evaluate and adjust when and where warranted.

The Social Thinking program is more than just playing with blocks. It builds a social foundation that will develop and grow with your child as he/she forms personal connections and friendships at PAAC.