Rika Hawes, RBT  explains what a Registered Behavior Technician is and why that extra training is important to a strong ABA team! Rika is completing her BCBA training this summer and will be one of the few in the field who has worked in both roles.

Under PAAC’s ABA program, each client is assigned a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT).  The RBT is on the front line delivering direct one to one ABA services to the client under the supervision of a BCBA.

RBTs go through an intensive 40 hour training on the science of applied behavior analysis that help us to implement each client’s behavior plan and procedures.  This can be from implementing a differential reinforcement of other behaviors on a fixed interval schedule of reinforcement, contriving opportunities for verbal behavior to occur, to collecting a multitude of behavioral data.  RBTs are now also required to pass a national exam to attain their credential.  It sounds like a lot, and it is a lot, but we see the best outcomes for every child by doing so.  The effort required to run these programs as RBTs is extensive but reinforcement is shown through the success of each and every client that we work with.

So what makes the RBTs at PAAC different?  If you step into our center, you will see.  RBTs can be seen talking among parents explaining what their child’s data says, suggesting what parents should do in the event of their child’s tantrum behavior at home, working with other RBT staff and clients to ensure a greater amount of social opportunities and so much more showing that we go above and beyond.  Our staff have packed schedules every day going from one location to the other (we may provide services in other locations other than our home based center).  We may be providing natural environment training in a sandbox on the playground and then heading to an IEP or supervision meeting within the next hour.  Some even still manage the time to further their education in ABA in masters programs and fieldwork hours to become hopeful BCBAs.  PAAC RBTs have the knowledge required to work with children on the spectrum but also the passion.  It is not easy or common to find both traits in ABA providers.  It is this knowledge and passion that makes us the experts and quality providers of ABA within our area.  RBTs at PAAC are well rounded, data-driven, passionate, hardworking individuals that make a difference for each child who receives our direct ABA services.