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Why does my child’s social skills group have the same theme lesson taught repeatedly?

After some research, we have found that reviewing and reteaching the same lesson in different ways is the best way to assure a client’s mastery of a topic.

Can I receive wraparound services and PAAC services?

Yes, in most cases they are paid from 2 different sources and complement each other. There are some exclusions, but in most cases, both services are permitted and encouraged to work together when possible.

Do you need to have an AUTISM diagnosis to come to PAAC?

Although a diagnosis helps when trying to obtain payment through insurance companies, many PAAC members do not have an autism diagnosis.  Some are just shy and need to work on social skills, and others have ADHD or similar, but different, diagnoses.  All are welcomed at PAAC.

Do you take insurance?

Yes PAAC takes many insurances, and we are always willing to become affiliated with other insurance companies as our clients need; however, each person’s insurance is different and each policy covers therapies to different degrees.  We are always willing to work with a family to get their child the services they need.  If a co-pay or lack of coverage is hindering you from receiving services, we will offer payment plans and sliding scale opportunities to help.

How does someone become a “member” of PAAC?

If your child participates in any PAAC events, you and your child are considered “members.”  We start with an intake, which is a basic tour of the center.  This allows us to meet your child and determine which program(s) will benefit them the most.  PAAC is more than just a place to bring your child for a therapy.  We are a network of therapists, parents and peers working together to find more activities, support systems and answers at each visit.  We have discovered that our “members” are enjoying membership benefits beyond what we initially imagined!  They have birthday parties with friends they have made at PAAC.  They call on other PAAC parents when they just need to talk, and of course,  they can freely discuss doctors and IEPs with our team.  All this comes with “membership.”

What is ABA?

ABA is an acronym that stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis.  ABA is a scientific approach to address behavior in a systematic way.  When analysing behavior, an ABA therapist will look at antecedents and consequences that may be maintaining behavior.  Therapists will also look at motivation and difficulty of the task.  Behavior can include, but is not limited to, actions and skills, as well as language. Our ABA program is one like no other.  Using best practice, we are able to design a program that meets the needs of any child.

We at PAAC, have a passion for action.

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